“Absolutely San Francisco” thanks our Goldstar and TripAdvisor reviewers

We here at “Absolutely San Francisco” are humbled by the wonderful reviews we’ve received lately at GoldStar and TripAdvisor (and here at TripAdvisor, too). Given the tumultuous changes that we’ve all witnessed in the modern media universe, especially the narrowing of the print media’s business base, little venues like ours have to spend a lot of time individually reaching out to the thousands of custom media and sales opportunities that have sprung up.
What does all this high-falutin’ jargon mean? You – the audience – have become the best, most accessed and believed reviewers out there.
As we experience here at “AbSan,” going through the often arcane process of signing up, creating yet another password, logging in and putting thoughts to “paper” is certainly less than simple and quick. But your heartfelt comments are worth their weight in gold. Thanks! TICKETS

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