Last chance to see Mary Gibboney in “Absolutely San Francisco!”

“…Wearing many hats as everybody, literally, and as Sunshine, this is a fabulous tour-de-force starring the wonderful and wondrous Mary Gibboney…”

“…What a wonderful show! I had no idea what to expect, but I guess I thought it is a group of people, singing and dancing. Instead: it was a show for one woman, one shopping cart and 14 hats! The lady (Mary Gibboney) did a great job! It was almost like she did not act, but lived her character…”

“…OH MY GOD!!!! You gotta see Mary perform. She is AWESOME! Lots of fun…”

After more than 50 performances over the last year, our wonderful “Sunshine,” Mary Gibboney gives her last two performances Saturday December 17 at 8pm and Sunday December 18 at 4pm! It’s been a fantastic run of the show and we’re going to miss her. Make sure you get your chance to see Mary one more time before the show hits the road! Tickets at Brown Paper Tickets.

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