Thanks to all for 16 months of wonder from “Absolutely San Francisco”

Karen Hirst "Protest"

Well, Absolutely San Francisco has called it a “wrap” for now. Our deepest thanks not only to the professional reviewers who spoke so well of the show, but also to the many kind guests who have taken the time to make appreciative comments on Goldstar, Trip Advisor, our in-house guest book and personal blogs. For a tiny show like ours, your contributions to the new world of electronic “buzz” are really what it’s all about. Truly, as we can testify from travelers visiting our golden city who found our 49-seat gem in the back on the fifth floor, your word spread around the world.

Darlene Popovic "Keep 'Em On Track"

Thanks also to our young and wonderful crew, Mollie Profitt, Caleb Herring and Andrew Stapp; the Doherty family recruits, Elizabeth (photography and tech desk), Trevor (arrangements and orchestra) and John (production); the Not Quite Opera Productions Board of Directors: Gene Golovchinsky, Jonathan Hornstein, Brenda Buehler, Chris Boudreau and Pam Mangan (who also managed our internet marketing affairs); Sean Kelly (of Sean Kelly Construction) who built the stage, Alf Pollard and crew for building out the dressing room space; The Native Sons of the Golden West Building Association for the fine facility; the list goes on.

Mary Gibboney "Groovy"

ABOVE ALL how can we describe our special, deep and abiding thanks to our four “Sunshines” – Karen Hirst – the first to bring Sunshine to life – Darlene Popovic, Mary Gibboney and, of course, the creator of the whole shebang, Anne Nygren Doherty – actor, author, composer and lyricist extraordinaire. Each of you brought not one, but six special characters to life (actually, 10 characters, if you include the Gold Rush crowd…): the swaggering but angst-ridden “hippie billionaire” Dav-O, the strong-willed and deeply loving Grace, the empathetic and soulful Naima, the powerful and wistful Narayan, the staid yet deeply romantic Jeffrey and of course the freedom seeking woman-child Sunshine. There is no other way to describe your performances but “tour-de-force” in every possible way.

We’re taking it on the road this year, making a few changes and… let’s see what the future brings. Stay tuned to “The Alcove Theater” and “Not Quite Opera Productions” for future fun.
Thanks again!

Anne Nygren Doherty "Hello San Francisco"

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