Absolutely San Francisco – is new and improved

Fans of the original show might take another trek to Union Square to see what we’ve done. Not Quite Opera believes that rewriting is the key to writing and the show is constantly being improved. Since Christmas, Naima’s “Keep’em On Track” song has been moved to Act II, the opening monologue has been overhauled and rearranged. The result? We think we’ve given the show a smoother, more spontaneous feel that heightens the plot and themes.

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Absolutely San Francisco’s final encore run! Summer 2012

Anne Nygren Doherty as "Sunshine" on Thursdays

Mary Gibboney as "Sunshine" on Fridays and Saturdays

We’ve still been receiving e-mails from people around the world inquiring about Absolutely San Francisco. So we’ve spruced up the script a bit, and we’re bringing back to The Alcove Theater for a final final summer run beginning June 28. Enjoy Anne Nygren Doherty on Thursdays and Mary Gibboney on Fridays and Saturdays in this evergreen, heartwarming one-woman musical treat about life, love and the ups and downs of San Francisco Dreaming. Get your tickets now for this limited engagement at BROWN PAPER TICKETS – and don’t forget to enjoy one of our 12 premium cabaret-table side seats where you get free concessions and a gift bag containing souvenir bottle of wine, chocolates, a poster, CDs, coupons for SF fun and more!

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Thanks to all for 16 months of wonder from “Absolutely San Francisco”

Karen Hirst "Protest"

Well, Absolutely San Francisco has called it a “wrap” for now. Our deepest thanks not only to the professional reviewers who spoke so well of the show, but also to the many kind guests who have taken the time to make appreciative comments on Goldstar, Trip Advisor, our in-house guest book and personal blogs. For a tiny show like ours, your contributions to the new world of electronic “buzz” are really what it’s all about. Truly, as we can testify from travelers visiting our golden city who found our 49-seat gem in the back on the fifth floor, your word spread around the world.

Darlene Popovic "Keep 'Em On Track"

Thanks also to our young and wonderful crew, Mollie Profitt, Caleb Herring and Andrew Stapp; the Doherty family recruits, Elizabeth (photography and tech desk), Trevor (arrangements and orchestra) and John (production); the Not Quite Opera Productions Board of Directors: Gene Golovchinsky, Jonathan Hornstein, Brenda Buehler, Chris Boudreau and Pam Mangan (who also managed our internet marketing affairs); Sean Kelly (of Sean Kelly Construction) who built the stage, Alf Pollard and crew for building out the dressing room space; The Native Sons of the Golden West Building Association for the fine facility; the list goes on.

Mary Gibboney "Groovy"

ABOVE ALL how can we describe our special, deep and abiding thanks to our four “Sunshines” – Karen Hirst – the first to bring Sunshine to life – Darlene Popovic, Mary Gibboney and, of course, the creator of the whole shebang, Anne Nygren Doherty – actor, author, composer and lyricist extraordinaire. Each of you brought not one, but six special characters to life (actually, 10 characters, if you include the Gold Rush crowd…): the swaggering but angst-ridden “hippie billionaire” Dav-O, the strong-willed and deeply loving Grace, the empathetic and soulful Naima, the powerful and wistful Narayan, the staid yet deeply romantic Jeffrey and of course the freedom seeking woman-child Sunshine. There is no other way to describe your performances but “tour-de-force” in every possible way.

We’re taking it on the road this year, making a few changes and… let’s see what the future brings. Stay tuned to “The Alcove Theater” and “Not Quite Opera Productions” for future fun.
Thanks again!

Anne Nygren Doherty "Hello San Francisco"

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Last chance to see Mary Gibboney in “Absolutely San Francisco!”

“…Wearing many hats as everybody, literally, and as Sunshine, this is a fabulous tour-de-force starring the wonderful and wondrous Mary Gibboney…”

“…What a wonderful show! I had no idea what to expect, but I guess I thought it is a group of people, singing and dancing. Instead: it was a show for one woman, one shopping cart and 14 hats! The lady (Mary Gibboney) did a great job! It was almost like she did not act, but lived her character…”

“…OH MY GOD!!!! You gotta see Mary perform. She is AWESOME! Lots of fun…”

After more than 50 performances over the last year, our wonderful “Sunshine,” Mary Gibboney gives her last two performances Saturday December 17 at 8pm and Sunday December 18 at 4pm! It’s been a fantastic run of the show and we’re going to miss her. Make sure you get your chance to see Mary one more time before the show hits the road! Tickets at Brown Paper Tickets.

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Anne Nygren Doherty joins the “Absolutely San Francisco” Sunshines!

With road performances and festivals in mind, “Absolutely San Francisco” author/composer Anne Nygren Doherty takes to the stage as “Sunshine” and friends for the final three Thursdays of our fantastic 15 month San Francisco run! Enjoy this rare opportunity to experience the show’s touring version previews! Touring previews: 12/15, 12/22 and 12/29/2001. Tickets at Brown Paper Tickets.

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“Absolutely San Francisco” hitting the road! Final six weeks in SF!

Our warmest thanks to the many, many people who have enjoyed “Absolutely San Francisco” in over 100 performances over the last year-and-a-half or so. Now it’s time to hit the road with the show. We’ve been given some positive nudges from various quarters to try the show out at some of next year’s fringe festivals, so we’re currently making a plan to bring our little slice of San Francisco’s wonderful, unique dream to other towns, other audiences. Meanwhile, don’t miss your chance to see “Absolutely San Francisco” between now and December 29, 2011. We’re on Thursdays and Saturdays and 8:00pm and Sundays at 4:00pm. So get those tickets now! And keep an eye on The Alcove Theater for more great, small venue entertainment!

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“Absolutely San Francisco” rated in TripAdvisor Top Ten for SF nightlife!

Thanks again, so very deeply, to those customers who have favorably reviewed “Asbolutely San Francisco” on TripAdvisor.com. Your kind and positive comments have catapulted us, as of 8/17/11, to the number “8” spot for San Francisco Nightlife! Little venues like the Alcove Theater thrive on positive word-of-mouth. Again, our warmest and most sincere thanks.

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“Absolutely San Francisco” thanks our Goldstar and TripAdvisor reviewers

We here at “Absolutely San Francisco” are humbled by the wonderful reviews we’ve received lately at GoldStar and TripAdvisor (and here at TripAdvisor, too). Given the tumultuous changes that we’ve all witnessed in the modern media universe, especially the narrowing of the print media’s business base, little venues like ours have to spend a lot of time individually reaching out to the thousands of custom media and sales opportunities that have sprung up.
What does all this high-falutin’ jargon mean? You – the audience – have become the best, most accessed and believed reviewers out there.
As we experience here at “AbSan,” going through the often arcane process of signing up, creating yet another password, logging in and putting thoughts to “paper” is certainly less than simple and quick. But your heartfelt comments are worth their weight in gold. Thanks! TICKETS

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Get “Groovy” with Absolutely San Francisco!

We’ve posted a great little clip of Mary Gibboney performing the song, “Groovy,” from a recent show. Enjoy. Click here for “Groovy on YouTube.”

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Karen Hirst and Mary Gibboney to share the spotlight in “Absolutely San Francisco”

Now we’re really groovin’… We’re excited to welcome our first “Sunshine,” Karen Hirst, back from hiatus for the rest of the summer, sharing the performances with dynamo, Mary Gibboney. Karen will be performing on Thursdays and Saturdays at 8pm. Mary will keep on in the Sunday, 3pm, matinee slot. Twice the fun! Come on down! TICKETS

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