Karen Hirst as Six Characters in Absolutely San Francisco

Enjoy a video preview of the show here: Mary Gibboney Sings “Groovy”


In San Francisco, the atypical is typical and San Franciscans are proud of it. It’s an urban melting pot on steroids where hippies, drifters and dreamers rub elbows with make-a-buck immigrants and the top 1% of the “1%.” But, if the city is a metaphor for personal freedom, social revolution and pioneer spirit, its picture postcard reality is one dependent on resisting change. Thanks to the conflict between freedom and restriction and maybe thanks to the San Andreas fault the city’s inhabitants forever feel they’re on shaky ground. Poignant, whimsical and funny, Absolutely San Francisco is a musical allegory about the SF take on the American Dream. Writer-composer Anne Nygren Doherty and East Bay favorite Mary Gibboney trade nights playing 6 “typical” San Franciscans (3 men, 3 women) who ride a cable car together and get lost in a life changing fog. You will laugh, cry and come away deeply moved by the hidden bonds that tie these seemingly disparate people together.

Just one block from Union Square, Absolutely San Francisco is comfortably ensconced at the 49-seat Alcove Theater, home to one-of-a-kind San Francisco entertainment. Located on the 5th floor of the historic Native Sons building at 414 Mason Street, this welcoming and intimate space combines Victorian architectural details with a contemporary color scheme. The audience views the show from cabaret seating around a raised semi-circular thrust stage. There is plenty of leg room and not a bad seat in the house! Enjoy refreshments from the unique stainless steel concession bar.